29 days ago

👣Are you battling with fungal toenails?

Lisa from Vital Feet Podiatry

Are you busy treating a fungal nail and not seeing an improvement? Are you wondering if you have a fungal nail? A large percentage of people have been told they have a fungal nail infection, don't actually have one!

There are several other conditions that can affect a nail and mimic the appearance of a fungal nail.

Most fungal nail treatments on the market won't work unless the nail is truly fungal. At Vital Feet Podiatry we can help you be confident in your diagnoses and treatment plan.

We've got quick and easy in-clinic tests that are completed within 15 minutes and are 99% accurate! Just ask our Podiatrist for a fungal nail test when you come in.

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Winter Special

Christine from Body Treatments

Birthday Month and Winter Warmer Special - 25% off Lash and brow tint and shape when you mention this post until the end of August. Now only $30 phone 5706270

4 hours ago

Are Calluses Actually Bad for Your Feet?

Lisa from Vital Feet Podiatry

While there is little need to be alarmed, calluses should be kept in check to prevent health issues from developing.


5 hours ago

🏕️ Three ProjectK schools have recently returned from their wilderness adventures braving the winter cold. 🌲

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

The schools involved were Kelston Girls College, Northcote College and Waitakere College, and the activities they took part in included; tramping, water activities and a solo camping night.

Congrats to all those involved. We hope you all had an amazing time!