168 days ago

Spaces available now on our Welcome Bay Free Van Pickup service!!!

Linda from Korukidz Education and Care

Korukidz now has a small number of seats available on our 1 and only daily Van pick up/dropoff service for children 2-5yrs old in the WELCOME BAY area.
To attend Korukidz Childcare at Fraser Cove is completely FREE.
The van service and all meals at the Childcare are provided FREE and there are no other fees payable for your child to join us for a 4 hour session Mon-Fri!
Our children enjoy playing and learning together with our amazing teachers. Even the ride on the van each day provides fun
opportunities for making friends and viewing the world outside their window.( You never know when a Fire Engine might race by with its siren on!!!)
There are limited spaces so please get in touch with Mel and the team at Korukidz asap. Our Freephone is 0800 571318

Check out our facebook page for pics of our recent trip with the children to the Avaiation Museum to see some of our future pilots!!

"Korukidz learn to play and play to learn"

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18 days ago

is you deck Slippery ?

John from Greerton - Parkvale

Call us and we will clean it, make it safe to walk on, and make it look new again!

Call John

13 hours ago

Where are the best property deals?

Angela Quigan Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

The region (and city) you choose to invest in can drastically impact your future returns.

That's why, once you decide to invest in NZ's property market, your next step is to question which region you should park your money in.

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8 hours ago

Should parents be charged if their kids wag school?

The team Reporter from Bay News

Hi neighbours - a teen who refused to go to school has cost his parents after they were charged $50 under the Education Act.

The court heard that over a period of 62 school days, the teen was unjustifiably absent on 38 days, with a further seven classified as justified absence.

What are your thoughts? Should parents be charged if their kids wag school?