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Debra-lee Julian from Woman@Work Ltd

This wee garden is hidden away in the Kaimai’s in a beautiful area of natural bush, rivers and peace and quiet. It was a pleasure to get to work in this

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Tauranga Water Restrictions

Communications from Tauranga City Council

As water usage has been extreme and the forecast is hot and dry, a sprinkler ban has now been put in place for our city.

From today, the use of all sprinklers and irrigation systems is banned until further notice.

You can still water your garden, by hand, between 5 and 8AM and 7 and 10PM.

For more information and tips on conserving water visit tauranga.govt.nz/savingwater

Let’s make every drop count.

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5G - existential threat?

Tracy from Whakamarama

Thanks to Weekend Sun Editor for highlighting the existential threat from 40,000 satellites being fired into space shortly. However, they are not the only problem we face from 5G technology.

Approximately 3% of the population are hypersensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. They are already under attack from existing cell phone towers. 5G frequencies broadcast from every lamp post will intensify their struggle for health.

Anthony Goldsworthy’s research shows all cells are sensitive to low frequency radiation, not just the hypersensitive. He found the cells became permeable to calcium disturbing the normal calcium/magnesium balance. The cells stop normal functions whilst “pumping” excess calcium out. This may manifest as chronic fatigue as energy preferentially used normalising cell walls. With constant exposure, of course, the cells just flood with calcium and die. With enough radiation, we will all be affected.

We are going to be ‘bathed’ in these new, high intensity frequencies for corporate profit – with the blessing of government. Like Hutchison says, “cheap internet or existential threat” – we all know which should win, but will it?

5G aware voters probably voted for me in last years DHB elections, and I’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’. Anyone who wants more information on 5G should contact me on facebook.