18 days ago

GLOW Scooters

Trish from Waipahihi

I’m writing to insist that you adhere to the rules of the above. These scooters are being used by families, doubling up with small children and under 18 year olds riding alone. Not wearing helmets. Riding to fast through the CBD, particularly Roberts Street where diners and waiting staff are at further risk. Do you need a serious accident to control these inexperienced riders.

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2 hours ago

BBC News: Climate change: Greenland ice melt 'is accelerating'

Fred from Taupo Central

BBC News - Climate change: Greenland ice melt 'is accelerating'

10 hours ago

From CNN: This concrete can trap CO2 emissions

Fred from Taupo Central

Concrete's main ingredient is responsible for 7% of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions. CarbonCure has figured out how to trap CO2 in concrete and make it stronger in the process. Now, LinkedIn is building with it.

11 hours ago

"Tis the season to support local"


“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a central directory of locally-made, ethically-produced and upcycled gift ideas?

Well, hold the phone - Makers & Local by Ecomailbox have done exactly this, and it’s EPIC! There’s gifts broken into categories, DIY ideas, an eco advent calendar, social enterprises to support, low-waste gift wrapping inspo, and even gorgeous must-see beaches to explore over summer.

Plus 24 of NZ’s eco bloggers have shared their tips for a Merry Mindful Christmas. From great crafty activities, DIY gifts & acts of kindness to celebrate the festive month of December more mindfully and sustainably.

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