54 days ago

Are these your kittens?

Sterling from Huntington

**** Kittens have been safely caught, fed and warmed up. They will be taken in to Paws4Life in the morning ****

These two little ones have been wandering around my backyard and all around Cristobel Circle meowing and screaming in the cold and rain. Presumably looking for mum? A cat that has recently given birth strolls through the backyard often but I’m unsure if it’s their mum (she has a collar, kittens don’t). I’ve asked a few neighbors around my house and none seem to know where they come from. I’ve managed to give them a meal which they happily ate and got a second helping. Wouldn’t let me come near, however, so I couldn’t bring them in. Does anyone know who they might belong to?

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2 days ago

Alternate to cars for local travel has arrived..

Gurbir from Huntington

Lime e-scooter debuts in Hamilton tomorrow with approx 200 scooters www.newsviews.co.nz...

1 day ago

Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections?

Kendra Stone Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi neighbours - prisoners have expressed that they want to be able to vote in both the general election and local body elections.

They say it would help them feel human and connected to the community, with former prisoner Awatea Mita saying the voting ban is "humiliating and dehumanising".

What do you think? Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections? Read more here

21 hours ago

Hamilton-Akl rail link

Gurbir from Huntington

NZTA has accorded funding approval today. Read here: www.newsviews.co.nz...