33 days ago

Petition to widen SH16 between Brigham Creek Road and Waimauku closes on January 31

Lindsay from Huapai - Kumeu

My Petition to the government to widen the road between Brigham Creek Road and Waimauku closes on January 31 and we only have 550 signatures. Phil Goff does not even have this section of SH16 on his recently published wish list for Auckland Roads so if you haven't signed the petition yet please do so ASAP, and spread the word to anyone else you think would be interested in signing it. You can sign the petition here www.parliament.nz...
Thank you
Lindsay Andrews

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7 days ago

Cameras help cut red-light-running but thousands still do it

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, motorists running through red traffic lights create some of the highest death and injury risks. Auckland Transport's roll-out of cameras is making a difference, but do you think penalties are tough enough ? Read the story below:

27 minutes ago

Tackling Anxiety!

Anthea from Lifestyle Happy Place

How many times have we lowered our expectations to manage anxiety while waiting to hear an outcome?⁠

- A job interview⁠
- A second date⁠
- Exam results⁠

Its healthy behavior as long as we don't lower our expectations so far that we begin to feel disdain toward a prospective outcome.⁠

"DO YOUR BEST, FORGET THE REST" is a good mantra to manage disappointment we face in our lives.⁠

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Wishing you every success from ⁠
Anthea Chiappa - Lifestyle Happy Place.