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FREE Upcycling Xmas Gift Making Event

Melanie from West Harbour

Hey Everyone,

Are you interested in making creative Christmas gifts rather than stressing and spending during the holiday season?

Come along to our FREE Xmas Gift Making Event! There will be a number of stalls available, simply pick an activity and learn a new upcycling skill.

We will be teaching people how to create beautiful arts and crafts that can be gifted to friends and family members or proudly displayed their homes. The discarded materials such as decking timber, glass jars, paper, wood, cd discs, and more, giving materials a second purpose.

Glen Eden Community House
- Sat 23 November, 9am - 12pm
- Sunday 1 December, 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Auckland Central City Library
- Sun 24 November, 10:30am - 12:30pm
- Saturday 7 December, 1pm - 4pm

Activities we are offering are:
- DIY Eco Pamper Packs (1 and 7 December only)
- Woodworking gift activities - The Tower of Hanoi, Bird Houses, Planter Boxes, The Fishing Game, Wooden Robots, and The Gravity Game
- Journal Making (23 and 24 November only)
- Sewing Station for stuffed toys, bags and other craft designs
- Zentangling jewellery, Xmas tree decor/ornaments, and cup coasters

*** Registrations are a must because each activity requires different parts and supplies ***
Email mel@therecreators.co.nz to register, let us know which gift-making activity (each person attending) will be interested in making (e.g. 2 bird houses and 1 xmas tree decor/ornaments)

For children, we recommend picking one activity and have them focus on making it nice and beautiful. For adults, you can pick two activities (or if you're a parent just come along and help your kids with their gift making!)

Find out more on Facebook
The Re-Creators Website

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NZ Bus services running as normal from today

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Aucklanders, NZ Bus services have resumed, following six days of driver suspensions affecting approximately 70,000 trips daily. The suspensions came as bus drivers stopped accepting passenger fares, in a bid for better pay work hours. On Thursday, First Union and Tramways withdrew industrial action after Auckland Council got involved with concerns of the suspension's impact on the city's public transport. However, union members and NZ Bus are yet to come to an agreement.
Were you able to catch your normal bus this morning?

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Recipe: Shortbread

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Looking for a Christmas Special Recipe? Try baking our delicious easy Shortbread recipe.

This classic shortbread recipe is based on one from Edmond's Cookbook and is great to get the kids started on. Most shortbread recipes use caster sugar but I find that beginner cooks have greater success using icing sugar which is quick to cream.

225 g Butter, cut into cubes

225 g Flour

125 g Cornflour

125 g Icing sugar

Check out the full recipe on the link below.

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Which local cafes make the best coffee?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Nor-west News

Hi neighbours, we all know Kiwis love coffee but a survey has found that Auckland coffee drinkers are more likely to buy their coffee than Kiwis from the regions. A third of Aucklanders buy at least half of their weekly coffees and most preferred a flat white. How often do you buy coffee out? What do you usually order? And which local cafes do you think make the best coffee? Share your thoughts in the comments.