37 days ago

The Real Estate Cook Book

Ian Wheaton from Ian Wheaton - Ray White Austar - Massey

Hi Neighbours.
I've put a few pages together in an attempt to help you make good decisions when it comes time to sell your home. I do hope you find it helpful.
See a copy attached.

Cheers. Ian

Real Estate 'Cook Book' (6).pdf Download View

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1 hour ago

Can't Sleep properly? Ways To Help You Sleep Better

Beds 4 U Henderson

We all are inundated with a lot of work and when we go back home we strongly desire a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, but for many reasons, we don’t achieve it and then the question arises “Why can’t I sleep?” See, everything is not fixable, but there are things that are under your control. So, I can’t sleep properly and I want to know why I’m not able to get a peaceful sleep these days. Read more to find out.

14 hours ago

WATCH: Union

The Team from Play Stuff

Hi Neighbours with the Rugby World Cup kicking off this weekend watch this Play Stuff short doco.

Young Māori Jared James finds himself living in a self-imposed exile from his home in New Zealand. Struggling with cultural isolation in Japan, he tackles the challenges of an unfamiliar city using the universal language of rugby.
Watch now