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Agria - On the move ...

Jacqui Leslie from All-Terrain Services Limited Huapai

There's no holding back All-Terrain Services with their new Agria REMOTE-CONTROLLED rotary mulcher.


On any slope up to 50 degrees all ways, this machine just keeps on mowing. Time saving, easily maneuverable and safe all-round, there's no stopping All-Terrain Services or their new Agria mulcher.

Click the link below and see the Agria on the move.

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4 hours ago


Linda from Henderson

There is an increasingly large group of aimless youths who are hopping on the 14W and 14T bus service from New Lynn to Westgate.
The bus driver is often alone on the bus, and when asked to swipe their AT Hop card, the excuse is " I ain't got no money cuz" They refuse to disembark.
My concern is for the driver, as if he insists on payment he could very easily be overcome and end up in a nasty situation.
I have emailed Auckland Transport over this matter. A possible solution would be to cancel every second one of the almost empty buses and put the unneeded driver on as security for the in-service bus.

1 hour ago

A Question

Allan from West Harbour

OK fellow neighbours, we have been told use Facts not Fear, ( see pict below ) so my post today is about a question, one that has 2 parts to the answer, but of course to ask the question, i need to step off with some facts, so will list them here so all can see the basis for my question and correct me i am in error.

1/ there is a Level 4 germ Lab in Wuhan
2/ there is a Level 4 germ Lab in Canada
3/ there is a Level 4 germ Lab in New Orleans

now i freely accept locations may vary a bit and in fact, there may be many more Level 4 Labs.
However given there is so much comment about the Covid biso being accidentally released or internationally released it leads me to ask;

Why would any Lab be playing around with such a toxic strain and who would be in line to benefit from such a release, regardless of whether it was planned or accidental.

What further compounds the issue is the 2015 Patent ( attached ) from the USA patent office for a British outfit Pirbright.

So any that can flesh out the topic and show the benefit to/for humanity would be most welcome.

5 days ago

Growing an edible garden

Murray Halberg Retirement Village

Now is a great time to focus on your garden. Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, growing vegetables is a great way to keep busy and enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labour.