134 days ago

Māori language week - Te Wiki o te reo Māori

Sinead Gill Reporter from Feilding-Rangitīkei Herald

Mōrena neighbours! Next week is Te Wiki o te reo Māori, and the team are looking at words and places in te reo across the Manawatū-Rangitīkei that you see every day, but want to know more about or what it means. Any ones in particular that come to mind?

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15 hours ago

Husband for sale (and other happy things) in today's Antidote

The Team Reporter from Stuff

We live in unusual times. It all gets a bit much some days. So we're bringing you a much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there's inspiration, kindness and quirkiness out there too.

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Today: The story of a husband for sale on Trade Me, a skipper with a digger, kiwi chicks in the skies and many, many beers for Betty White.

20 hours ago

This 8 week email course will get your financial life in order

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours!

Need to rehab your money? Grow your wealth? Just understand your finances a bit better? Here's how you can start.

MoneyIQ will give you all the basics you need to get your money sorted and start working towards a brighter, richer future.

21 hours ago

Forest walk

Cynthia from Foxton

I picked up 3 bags worth of fresh and old dog poo in the Cousins Avenue forest this morning and bought home to my rubbish bin. I picked up my own dog's poo as well, of course. I had my dogs with me and they were not happy with me stopping all the time, however, it is getting disgusting in there. May I prevail on a few more dog owners to do this and maybe we can restore our beautiful walking tracks and edges to their former glory. Did the same at Ferry Reserve on Monday. I thought this was better than confronting anyone too ignorant to pick up their dog poo, as I feel it is building up to some sort of a stand off, and us responsible dog owners will be penalised and lose our lovely dog walking assets.