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2 hours ago

Win a Vegepod worth over $500.

Mark Stevens Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Until the 11th of October, purchase a regional newspaper or the Sunday Star-Times, find the daily code and go into win 1 of 100 medium vegepod and trolley stands. Find out more

4 hours ago


Miriam Gratton from Nelson Bays ME CFS & FM Support Group

Join us at one of our Monthly MeetUps in October 2020. Look in the Free regional papers for your area reminder.
Send us an email to get her your own list of dates and other information we share with each other.
Which lately was a request for recommendations for Doctors.

Our Group email is:

A list of our Meet Up dates, times and venues will be posted shortly.

Do not hesitate to email if you would like some help/information

10 hours ago

Call Out to other Local Charities

Riverside Milk

A Call Out to charitable organisations who are in need of a space to offer a workshop, class or gathering.

Riverside Community charitable Trust is blessed to own a fabulous hire venue with several different spaces and we would like to make it available at NO to VERY LOW cost to eligible NOT-FOR-PROFIT groups and events offering education or supporting people in need.

It's been a rough year for many charities, in particular those relying on donations or face-to-face contact and it's time to gather and share resources where possible.

Be it Te Reo Maori lessons, mentoring local children, or holding a Hui to organise a local Climate Forum, there are plenty of different scenarios where we may be able to help your charity out.

If we can take some financial worries off your shoulders and therefore support you in offering something precious to the wider public which may otherwise not happen, please talk to us at