35 days ago

My Kind Neighbour nomination

Marlene from Te Aroha

Usula was the one I reached out to, in the time I needed her a close neighbour.I was very lucky as she her self had just returned from her physiotherepy.I was in a desperate situation.Needed to go to my Dr appointment in Morrinsville.I arrived at her place,just in time of her return.crying and needing help.I thought I was cracking up.my walking was not right.she just moved into action got me to the medical centre,as well as my hiedie four legged friend.And then straight to Waikato ourHospital.She waited an waited you can imagine how long,hrs.took hiedie for wee's,till i got admitted to the assessment unit.She is a very kind and caring neighbour,I think she is my Hero,also she had my dog hiedie for the nights I was in hospital.And let her sleep on her bed.. so I myself nominate Usula for being a special neighbour...marlene richardson

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4 days ago

Favourite discoveries on NZ travels

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your discoveries on your recent travels around New Zealand. Were there any small towns, activities or attractions that surprised you, for better or for worse? Did you come across any lesser-know spots you think more Kiwis should check out? Which small towns do you think deserve more visitors than they get? Please remember your comment may be included in an article unless you state that you don't want it to be. Cheers.

20 hours ago


John Watson from Positively Te Aroha - Community Radio

Hi everyone. Positively Te Aroha is (in) formally launching at 4.45pm this Saturday 8th August at Austin's Bar and Bistro and you're all welcome! Bring your wallets though as we have zero budget for this. We're already broadcasting on 88 FM, online at www.kiwi.radio... and via our free app. Download links are on our website. Woohoo !!

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Reduce work travel


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