28 days ago

Worm Farm

Kim from Blenheim

Hi all, I just brought a worm farm and was wanting to know the best place to buy worms from. Also any tips or tricks people think I should know, I looked at a few websites but they often contradict each other, some say bread, pasta and potato peelings are ok others say no, how to feed the worms differs too, chop everything up small, leave whole, dig in, spread across the top of the dirt, only spread across half at a time, dig trenches. I'm feeling a bit confused about the whole thing and don't want to kill my worms when I get them. Any help would be appreciated.

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2 days ago

Looking for

Princess from Blenheim

Hi. Im looking for knitted onsie or clothes for my 3month old big baby boy. Preferably Size 6-12months coz he is a big. ☺️ thank you.😁

8 minutes ago

Are you protected against measles?

The Team Reporter from Marlborough Express

The 15-30 age-group has been identified as an at-risk group for measles, as many were not fully immunised as children. This puts you at risk of catching and spreading measles.
Ask your doctor, parent or caregiver if you had two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine as a child.
If you don’t know, it’s best to get immunised. It’s safe to have an extra dose of the MMR vaccine.
Some other countries only immunise against measles and rubella. So, even if you were immunised against measles overseas, make sure you get your free MMR in New Zealand so that you’re protected from mumps too.
As part of Youth Week, a pop-up measles clinic will take place at My Space at the Marlborough Youth Trust from 6pm-8pm on Friday evening, May 14.

22 hours ago

Will you Tramp the Ned?

The Team Reporter from Marlborough Express

It only happens every two years, and last year was cancelled due to Covid - the opportunity to take a walk in a unique region normally closed to the public.
This Sunday, trampers will have the opportunity to peak the 909m hill in the Tempello biodiversity region.
See the story in the Saturday Express.