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MISinformation, DISinformation or just Fake News? YOU Choose

Geoff from Bay of Islands

Well, lookie here, The Bay Comical is back in print with 28 pages, of which 18 are real estate ads, 1 from FNDC,1 from our MP, and various others.
What, to me, is the real gem is the half page trumpet blowing piece about Neighbourly.
Now check this out, “Neighbourly is a New Zealand owned (remember that bit) social media site creating easy ways for neighbours to talk and connect.” That will do

OK “New Zealand owned.” I have connected the dots once before but this really cries out to me for a rerun.

Neighbourly, The Bay Comical, Northern News, Sunday Star Times and various other publications are, according to Wikipedia, owned by “Stuff.”

Stuff Ltd is a news media company operating in New Zealand. It operates the country's largest news website, Stuff, and also owns nine daily newspapers, including New Zealand's second and third-highest circulation daily newspapers, The Dominion Post and The Press, and the highest circulation weekly, Sunday Star-Times.[1] Magazines published include TV Guide, New Zealand's top-selling weekly magazine.[2]

In addition, Stuff Ltd owns or part-owns a number of digital properties, including social media network Neighbourly, internet service provider Stuff Fibre and energy retailer energyclubnz.

This is where the “New Zealand owned” bit gets interesting. Who owns Stuff? Good question. Again, according to Wikipedia '

Stuff is a New Zealand news media website owned by Stuff Ltd, a subsidiary of Australian company Nine Entertainment Co. Stuff is the biggest media website in New Zealand,[3] with a monthly unique audience[4] of more than 2 million. Is that New Zealand owned? Now, you may ask, who owns Nine Entertainment Co. Wikipedia again, “Fairfax merger

On 26 July 2018, Nine Entertainment Co. and Fairfax Media announced they agreed on terms for a merger between the two companies to become Australia's largest media company. As a result of the merger, Nine shareholders own 51.1 percent of the combined entity and Fairfax shareholders own 48.9 percent”

Maybe I am missing something but, how can an orgaisation 100% owned by “ Australia's largest media company” legimately claim to be “New Zealand owned?”

It will be interesting to see who, if anybody, replies and how they try to spin this. The Neighbourly censors may dislike it to such an extent that they take it down, as they have other “offerings” of mine, but they know now, from a previous post which stayed up, that they are on notice and if it does go down, a formal complaint under Article 14 of the New Zealand Bill Of Rights Act 1990 will be en route to the Human Righjts Commission faster than you can say “Freedom Of Speech.”

OH, just a reminder of who owns New Zealand media. Go have a look here vjmpublishing.nz...

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