42 days ago

Inland revenue scam

Glen from Central Whangarei

Scam I just got a letter from IRD into my inbox telling me my refund was on hold awaiting account updates.

A link is included to allow you to update your bank account details.

Its a fake and a good fake

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1 day ago

Unemployment - a disgrace! I'm disgusted!

David from Onerahi

We recently had to go to Auckland and stay overnight. Despite arriving late in the day when we checked in we found our room not ready. Why? Because the hotel had less than half its housekeeping staff complement. On discussion with the night manger he said they were paying above award wages, and had nine applicants for advertised jobs they made appointments for in the last two days.
None turned up for an interview!!!! They just cannot get staff and he said it was the same across Auckland
They had multiple roles open for reliable people and could not fill them.
Is it any wonder our unemployment rate is going up?

1 day ago

Northland Disability Leadership Intern

Glen from Central Whangarei

As part of my new job at CCS Disability Action as Northland Disability Leadership Intern I have access to a vault of educational assets.
Language Matters is really important everybody knows using the word golliwog to describe someone is unacceptable we all know that and we understand why.

Did you know asking someone "what is wrong with you" falls into the same category

When interacting with disabled people there are many words you should not use, ableist words are primal many people use these words without realizing or accepting that they are.

Education is the answer just as we must learn Maori protocol to navigate our world safely, the same needs to be said for the disabled we also have protocol

Language Matters is a series of conversation starters created by disabled people. These resources explore a variety of topics on how language choices can impact disabled people.

Language Matters aims to generate awareness about how important our choice of language is and how words shape the way we see the world. The aim is to create greater connection and understanding between disabled and non-disabled people.

13 days ago

find your voice

Rose Oosthuysen from Toastmasters@Lunchtime

Find your voice with Toastmasters. At Toastmasters@Lunchtime we learn to communicate with confidence, leadership skills and to listen actively. Join us for a fun filled meeting. Every Wednesday 1-2pm May Bain Room Whangarei Central Library