52 days ago

Sleepout available

Margaret from Pukehangi - Mangakakahi

Modest fully furnished room with fully equipped kitchenette in adjacent garage. To share bathroom in main house with a couple. Clayton road near Thomas Crescent. $170 single $220 double Includes power & wifi. Ring 027 4856265 regards Tui for info & to view. No animals. Sleepout available one weeks time.

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3 hours ago

STEVE CHADWICK is a BULLY and we must get rid of here NOW

Gerard from Springfield - Tihiotonga


Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers Inc (RDRR)

This is an example from their website. They are the only thing that tries to represent us.

STEVE CHADWICK is a BULLY and we must get rid of here NOW

Council Pay Packets

I refer to recent news in the Daily Post that Rotorua Councillors received an increase in their salaries and were forced to accept this, whether they liked it or not. What a sob story!
Now I learned that the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and those councillors that are not members of the Rotorua Residents and Ratepayers Society are getting another increase in salary for their “extra workload”. The Mayor up 26.7% to $170,000 on last year’s salary, Deputy Mayor up 43.1% to $100,000 and selected councillors varying increases between 20.2% and 47.7%.
It is no wonder that the council’s debt is rising from about $209 million this year to about $240 million with a major increase in interest payments that will all have to be paid for with rates rises way over rises in the benefits paid to the poor and elderly. That is grossly unfair.”

4 hours ago

HATE TOURISM. Relatively small percentage of GDP. Let us make money without people actually on our physical country

Gerard from Springfield - Tihiotonga

Tourists devalue our New Zealand.

Please support our quiet enjoyment of our country.

Only those businesses that benefit.

They do not seem to care that the normal citizen's enjoyment of our towns is horrible.

We would swap all that for peace and quiet and no increase in pollution etc.

I read a comment on our Neighbourly. Who stated Rest in Peace. RIP. to any business that relied on international tourists, in spiite of the hassles for their fellow citizens.


I don’t mean to ruin your holiday, but Europe hates tourists – and with good reason

1 day ago

Quarantine Hotels

Carole & Wayne from Pukehangi - Mangakakahi

I don't like seeing this plastered over Neighbourly: Get them out of Rotorua. Get Rotorua taken off quarantine list. These hotels are in the city centre and one close to the Lakefront. And Eat Street etc. Lakes District (Rotorua/Taupo District Health Board area) safest area in New Zealand. There will be domestic tourists wanting to visit. As they will want to go to Queenstown and Wanaka.....And talk about protests, marches..Let our Kiwi's come home and not have this kinda of talk going on !!!