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Price Control- Does Government have the right to put controls on essential services? For example petrol stations and supermarkets and BANKS?

Gerard from Springfield - Tihiotonga

PRICE CONTROL - In this emergency etc

Does the GOVERNMENT have the legislation to put controls on essential services?

For example petrol stations and supermarkets and BANKS?


The BANKS get "loans" from the Reserve Bank, at 0.25%, and charge us 3 4 5% plus. "Markup" of 1200% upwards

I think the 3 BANKS, Australian, should be limited to say 1% on top of OCR. So 1.25%. Particularly at this unprecedented "National Emergency" ??

The banks are guilty of USERY in normal times. Now they should be forced to 1.25% as a maximum.



3...The major "petrol" companies have been dragging their feet for years. Z BP Mobil Caltex Waitomo etc. Is price collusion illegal?? Anti competition

Did they say something like it will take until JUNE? for it to work through the system?

World crude oil prices have gone down so much.

Could the Government decree a price of say 30% less than the current prices.

4.....ELECTRICITY Companies could be ordered to freeze prices?

The doubling of the WINZ WINTER payment is a wonderful thing for their profitability and justification of all those Electricity companies.

Should this industry be NATIONALISED?


The above is a high proportion of the expenses of a household.

Let us take the opportunity to DEMAND the Government to help us New Zealanders.


5....SALE OF FOOD etc.
Should the Government put price control on this major part of the cost to households?


New World, PaknSave and 4 Square.

Are GILMOURS the actual owners of this? - read that somewhere I think.


WHERE are our typical income spent----





Did I read that there are something like 260,000 in New Zealand with VISAS of one sort or another?

That is a lot of houses that could be available. Would this not solve the problem?

Do not extend VISAS. How about employing an extra 2,000 Immigration personnel to find and remove the overstayers etc


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