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Theft of my garden statue 20th January

Di from Pukehangi - Mangakakahi

My Stolen beautiful Gals - The Three Muses- The Divine Feminine- The Divine Mother

This evening using my clairvoyant abilities I attempted to find out who was responsible for the theft. There were 3 men involved driving a white 4 cabin ute. The statue as far as I can see is now in Papamoa somewhere. At least one of the men had been working on the road works around here in the past few days. There is someone in Amethyst Pl although not directly involved knows who did it. I shall update my police report. I composed a letter about the theft and Adrian and I delivered it to all houses in the street, and some in Ruby Place. More yet to be distributed.
This statue was placed at the front of our house for a purpose. It was specially blessed with Love and harmony for all. It represents the Divine Mother looking out for the people and children - to restore peace and harmony and healing. For 5 years this energy blessed our street whether people were consciously aware of it or not.
I explained in my letter to the neighbourhood that The Divine Feminine has been desecrated, The Divine Mother who watched over everyone has been removed by those who now will have to face the great law of cause and effect/Karma, and I know that their lives will be tough from here on in. To upset the Divine Mother is definitely not wise. I feel it was after midnight on the 20th January. In the place of the 3 Muses, I have placed 3 garden lights to light up the area where these beautiful women stood. For those interested in numerology the 3 represents catalyst energy - change - and the holy trinity. So change has come. I have released them in love. They are sadly missed, and it will be interesting to see if they are ever found. For my friend, Judith who gifted the statue to me it was an emotional blow, as the 3 women represented special memories of her family. Wisely she has worked it through and has let them go. And So It Is - So Be It

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Shower Cleaning

Colin from Owhata

Can anyone recommend someone to clean our shower tiles and also the glass of water spots and then apply a coating to help prevent future buildup.