37 days ago

Hi can anyone please help my kids collect the super insects cards from countdown

Chantelle from Hornby

Hi my kids are both trying to collect the super insect cards from countdown and we can never afford to get many if anyone has any spare I’m happy to pick up for them please me myself as mum would really appreciate it a lot

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1 day ago

Are your school leavers struggling to find work?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is investigating unemployment in young people, particularly those who have just graduated high school or university and are struggling to find work, even part-time work, possibly because of Covid. If you or your child would be willing to speak to us please email warwick.rasmussen@stuff.co.nz.

5 hours ago

Sanitiser and sweets: Still plenty of ghosts and ghouls in post-Covid Halloween

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Frank Stefanissin moved to New Zealand 35 years ago from Vancouver, Canada, where Halloween is a huge event.

He’s bringing a slice of that to Canterbury on Saturday.

For last October 31, he set up a small graveyard in his West Melton home. It proved so popular he decided to go all out this year with an incredible haunted house.

“I had about 200 kids come by last year, which motivated me to keep doing it – I love seeing their reactions,’’ he said.

“This year we’ve gone a little bit bigger...with a pretty full-on graveyard. “With Covid this is just something nice for the children.’’

Stefanissin is raising money for Starship Hospital with this year’s efforts – for $2 children can guess how many skulls and bones are around the property, with the winner scoring a triceratops skeleton.

2 days ago

Calling all Halloween enthusiasts - we'd love to hear from you

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hi Cantabrians,

Are you, your children or grandchildren getting involved in Halloween this year? Stuff and The Press newspaper would love to hear from you.

We are hoping to find out how things may be a little bit different for Halloween this year due to Covid-19, and to see how people are still pushing through with their celebrations.

Will you be wearing a face mask with your costume? Or offering hand sanitiser to trick or treaters? Whatever it is you're up to, we'd love to hear about it.

Please comment below or email jake.kenny@stuff.co.nz if you are celebrating Halloween this year and would like to share how.

Thanks in advance folks!