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For dog owners

Peter from Stoke

3. months ago, my 9 year old dog had all but lost the use of her back legs.I had to help her into and out of my campervan rear doors. where there is a step.
After a visit to the vet who x-rayed here but could find nothing wrong and supplied anti-inflammatory tablets, she was lifted back into the van.
i went to o2b healthy in Elms Street, Wakatu estate and bought some K9 tablets. She has had just 3 a day since then and is running round like a 2 year old! The difference was noted within a week or 10 days.
4 weeks ago her best friend had a similar problem, he has been having six a day and is almost back to normal.
His vet could find nothing wrong except old age, he is 14.
Now I have some Joint Ultra, which has a similar formulation and I am walking much better. At 82, I don't expect to run a marathon!
I am not normally someone who swears by alternative medicine, but here are two dogs that would have had to be put to sleep without the treatment.
The o2b healthy website is well worth checking out.

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Get more from your herd test


Add milk pregnancy testing to your next herd test, it’s the convenient way to tell if your girls are expecting after 28 days – without them knowing.

But why stop there? Combining animal health checks to your herd test could uncover subclinical Staph aureus, Johnes disease, those who produce A2/A2 milk, as well as your herd’s production worth (PW) to help you make better calls.

Talk to your Agri Manager about adding pregnancy or animal health checks to your next herd test.
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Maria from Stoke

Require the services of a painter/handyman to paint the internal walls of a building in a central Nelson location. Approximately 6 rooms, however some of the walls are already wallpapered and do not need painting. No trims or doors to be done. Paint will be supplied. Prep work has already been done. Looking for someone that will do a good job, is quick, efficient and has reasonable rates.

Please message for further information.

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Double glazing retro fit

Chris Soutar from Soutar-able Glass

Below a lovely lead light double glazed unit made by top shelf lead lighting and retro fit into a timber frame by Chris from Soutar-able glass.
Available for all your glass needs from double glazing retro fit to broken windows.
Call Chris for a free friendly quote 021642428