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3 hours ago

Thinking about a website? Bit nervous?

Jean from I'm Online!

No worries! Jean is passionate about computers, but she’s not like a geek, no worries. She’s got the expertise, that’s for sure, but she’ll walk you through it all in a friendly easy-to-understand way.

And she’ll gladly make sure you can make ALL basic changes to your website – included in the price! Website starting at $299.

Top-notch recommendations- check us out!

2 days ago

Hair cut

Jordan from Tahunanui

Cheapest but also best place to get a haircut in nelson?

9 hours ago

Nikau trees please

Marilyn from The Brook

Does anyone have small transplantable nikau trees? I am adding more vegetation to a bank and would like 3 trees. I'm also looking for more ferns ...dicksonia or shiny leafed to grow a metre or two across approx.