54 days ago

Happy Easter to You All

Miriam Gratton from Motueka Ladies Probus

I do. Hope you all have enough food to keep you going at the moment. I have some young people living with us at the moment who if your stuck for a bottle of milk, bread or other items for daily life please send me a message or text/phone me.

With such beautiful Motueka weather, I trust you’re all soaking up the sun. I’m in my conservatory at the moment with the sun pouring in.

Are you getting photos video chatting to loved ones. I enjoy seeing my great grandchildren overseas. How about you.
And my children. Not everyone is on Neighbourly or Facebook. Or even has a smart mobile. So don’t forget families post photos of your activities to keep everyone feel included. Hugs and love to you all on this Special Weekend whatever your beliefs are. Keep safe from the Committee of Motueka Ladies Probus

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14 hours ago

Are you outraged that the Avatar crew are here?

Jean from Tahunanui

I am outraged that the Minister for Economic Development has used a little-known loophole to allow the 56 movie crew for Avatar to enter New Zealand, while we are all patiently and quietly enduring lockdown to keep us all in New Zealand, safe. Why on earth are there 2 rules here? This is worse than Cummings breaking the lockdown rules in the UK- this is 56 people breaking the lockdown rules! .
And the crew have apparently flown in from LA, one of the current coronavirus hotspots in the US.
And... get this! The producer says, "We're feeling very comfortable coming to the safest place in the world". Well - it WAS the safest place...
Does anyone know of a petition about this please? I have emailed our Prime Minister at jacinda.ardern@parliament.govt.nz

10 hours ago


Teena from Maitai

Keen to hear some feedback from customers about Flick power suppliers. The pricing sounds good but would like to hear from others that use them before I consider swapping suppliers. Thanks in advance!

15 hours ago

Trailer load of firewood 2.8 cubic metres

Wendy Neame from Al Fresco Garden & Property Maintenance

Dry ready to burn. The wood is various types, but mostly medium/hardwood So long burning.
2.8 cubic metres.
Price includes Delivery Nelson/Stoke/Richmond, We can deliver further afield, By arrangement and for an additional cost.