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James from Stoke

My name is James Chappèll. I have studied the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) for 25 years. I would like to invite you to our "5G Radiation Alert Presentation" at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (NCMA) 48 Nile St. 2:00pm Sunday, September 29.
Our group has formed to establish awareness and factual information in regard to this new highly destructive and irresponsible telecom technology which is proposed for New Zealand including Nelson.

Our group is a grass roots community of educated and caring people who are very concerned to bring awareness of the risks associated with 5G, that the telecom industry is bringing to NZ and world-wide. Peer reviewed scientific studies indicate that health effects from 5G microwaves in the radar frequencies are horrific.
The DNA damage to humans, (especially children) and every other life form, is such that people are uniting all over the world in an attempt to stop it. Several cities, including Brussels, Geneva and Florence have already said “NO”. The implications of exposing populations to such a bombardment of high frequency radiation has caused a number of local and international scientists, doctors and concerned people to use terms such as “insane” and “irrational" to even imagine this technology being deployed.
It is CRITICAL that you have the real facts that answer truly important questions. We hope all will be fully informed regarding:-
*Why will no insurance company anywhere in the wold will insure against the potential health risks of 5G?
*Why there is a moratorium or halt on 5G in: Brussels, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland; Florence, Italy and Russia.
*Why you will be subjected to 24/7 exposure over which you will have NO CHOICE to opt out?
*Why 5G is massively more dangerous to all living organisms than previous wireless technology, themselves classed as 2b possible carcinogens by the conservative World Health Organization and considered by many scientists to be certain carcinogens.
*Why scientists and MDs worldwide are calling for a halt to the 5G rollout.
*Why you not been told any of this or about any of the thousands of peer-reviewed studies showing the destructive health effects of 5G (Hint-Trillions of dollars of anticipated corporate profits are at stake).
If you value your health and longevity (as most of us do) and wish to protect the welfare of your family, loved ones and community. If you care to safeguard the existence of bees, insects, birds, plants and the biosphere,
These issues affect all of us, regardless of politics!

* 5G Radiation Health Alert Presentation at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (NCMA) 48 Nile St. 2:00pm Sunday, September 29. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion following these events. Councillors and DHB candidates may speak for 2 minutes regarding their stand on this issue at the close of the meeting.

* “Generation Zapped” documentary free on You Tube
* Watch “5G Apocalypse-The Extinction Event" Documentary by Sasha Stone on You Tube.
Visit www.5G.org.nz... and www.facebook.com... and www.facebook.com... Free Nelson.
www.ehtrust.org.... www.emfacademy.com.... www.emf.news... www.safeg.net...
www. 5Gspaceappeal.org. www.electricsense.com....

We look forward to meeting you at this event and hearing your questions.
Kind Regards, James Chappèll

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High Street intersection - King Edward Street and Old Wharff Road

Louise from Motueka

Many of our local residents of Motueka and beyond including tourists who come into Motueka will be familiar with this intersection. Local residents have asked NZTA to redesign this intersection many times over the last 15 - 20 years and nothing has been done. Recently NZTA did a survey along the whole of High Street
and still nothing has been done. I cross this intersection twice daily and risk my life as hundreds of others do. I'm not sure about the truth of this statement but - 'if enough residents complain to NZTA they have to investigate the complaints regarding this intersection'. So I'm urging all local residents to email NZTA and complain about this dangerous intersection. Please share this will all local residents and people you know who come through High Street and King Edward Street on a regular basis and fear for their lives - MAYBE COLLECTIVELY we can achieve what so far has been 'ZILCH' and make NZTA sit up and take notice - THIS IS A DANGEROUS INTERSECTION! and needs remedial action ASAP!

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Hunter from Hope

Hi wanting some hay to buy only about 5 or so bales for a horse if you leave a name and ph number if you have any you want to give away or sell I’ll get back to you soon as possible thanks hunter

6 days ago

political propaganda

Matt from Motueka

Did anyone else recieve some political propaganda from the prime minister today via neighbourly? I did. It consisted of a list of all the things she failed to achieve dressed up as actual achievements, a little bit of spin and an outright lie or two. I was kind of shocked and disappointed that Neighbourly allowed a message like that on the platform. This shouldn't be the kind of place to blow a political trumpet.