100 days ago

Concerns of vandalism, gang slogans and anti-social behaviour on the rise in Kaiapoi

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Kaiapoi residents are increasingly concerned about anti-social behaviour around their North Canterbury town.

The year began with a double shooting that left a gang leader’s son with critical injuries, sparking fears of tit-for-tat violence in Canterbury’s underworld.

Police refused to say how many officers were stationed on any one shift for “operational reasons”.

North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support chair Andrea Allen said she could not comment on who was responsible for a recent spate of anti-social behaviour, however vandalism was often more prevalent during the school holidays. Read more here.

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3 days ago

Do you remember the big snow of 1992?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hey Cantabs,

It was quickly dubbed “the big snow” and was the heaviest snowfall in three decades.

“Christchurch teetered on the brink of disaster yesterday as the worst snowstorm in 30 years first paralysed the city, then caused widespread flooding,” The Press reported on August 29, 1992.

Do you remember the big snow?

4 days ago

Bunnings Hardware

Martin from Rangiora

There was a rumour going around that Bunnings were going to build a large store in Ravenswood , Does anybody know if this was true and still going to go ahead ?