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8 hours ago

Steak and donuts found in North Canterbury recycling inspection

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Waimakariri residents are learning recycling lessons the hard way as a district-wide wheelie bin inspection gets under way.

The council has been warning people, since May, not to abuse the system or face losing their bin privileges, and contractors are now out in force armed with calling cards and tags for offending bins.

Solid waste asset manager Kitty Waghorn said the inspections kicked off in Pegasus on October 12, where six streets turned up 30 contaminated bins, mostly containing food – including packets of unopened steaks and donuts.

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6 hours ago

Another abusive note left on disabled person's car in Rangiora

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

A Kaikōura woman was left shaken after being targeted by Rangiora’s latest self-appointed parking warrior.

Nadia Mackle has used a wheelchair since being paralysed in a crash in 2015, when she was 23.

Far from letting it stop her, she has been open and honest about the challenges of getting back into her own home and work, and has inspired many of her online followers.

However, she could not help but feel down after finding an abusive note on her car after visiting a bakery in Rangiora last week.

The disabled parks were already taken when she arrived to meet her family for lunch at cafe Artisan at Rangiora Bakery, so she opted for the furthest space away, not wanting to inconvenience other customers.

She needs extra space on the right side of her car to be able to unload her wheelchair, so parked to the left of the standard space and put her mobility permit on the dashboard in case anyone looked to see why she had parked that way.

When she returned to her car, she saw the note criticising her parking.

She initially brushed it off, but began to feel increasingly anxious after leaving Rangiora.

5 hours ago

What's On: Vegan Night Mākete

Nicole from Christchurch Central

Christchurch's regular Vegan Night Mākete 5pm-8pm, showcasing the best plant-based foods and goods, and raising awareness of the environmental/animal welfare and health benefits of veganism. Find out more on
Vegan Night Mākete
  • Phillipstown Community Hub