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Mass tree felling blindsides visitors to North Canterbury walking track

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

A popular area of Waimakariri’s regional park has been cleared of trees, upsetting visitors to North Canterbury’s Ashley/Rakahuri River who knew nothing of the plan.

The regional council undertook the work, and Waimakariri District Council mayor Dan Gordon said the first he knew of it was once the trees had been chopped down.

However, ECan regional lead river engineer Shaun McCracken said the district council had been informed, although there had been no public notification or consultation because it was routine work. The tree-felling would “improve the resilience of Rangiora and Kaiapoi to the threat of flooding from the Ashley River’’, he said.

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Why 2021 will be the year of the long weekend

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

Good news – 2021 is set to be the year of the long weekend.

Five out of 10 public holidays will be Mondayised (or Tuesdayised in one case) next year, which means if you work a standard Monday to Friday week, you can look forward to some extended breaks.

In fact, once you’ve tacked on the weekends, you’ll end up getting a whopping 25 days off out of those 10 stat days, plus your region’s anniversary day.

To find out how to get the most out of your annual leave next year, click here.

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What's On: Oxford Garden Tour

Nicole from Christchurch Central

Come to Oxford for the day and stroll through six beautiful country gardens all close to the township. Tickets $25. Order through Oxford Area School 033124197, or email PTA@oxford.school.nz.
Oxford Garden Tour
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17 hours ago

ph charger

Diane from Rangiora

the wire on my galaxy A8 ph charger has broken. anyone got a spare charger l could have ( buy)?