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Copy of Letter To Editor

Alan from Rangiora

"Having completed a recent holiday of the Upper South Island, I made a couple interesting observations - has anybody noticed there seems to be no Rubbish Bins in the rest areas between Nelson and Murchison. Where are we meant to put our rubbish - on the side of the road, maybe?

Also a couple of Motels that we stayed in, had Signs Up saying that they recycle, and encouraging visitors to separate their recyclable waste from general waste.

Imagine my surprise, when I saw one of the motels owners/franchise holders put the container holding Recycled Plastic, into the container holding Landfill Waste, when he thought no one was looking.

Also, sadly, I observed the same thing happen in one of the Christchurch Malls. My question is, that a lot of advertising goes into telling us to recycle when in reality, .....

I wonder how widespread this practise is, that "gives" the illusion of doing the right thing.

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Councillor childcare costs will be covered by the Waimakariri District Council

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

The Waimakariri District Council will pay for childcare costs incurred by elected members up to $6000 per child, per year – uncapped.

In the proposal document, it stated there were concerns a lack of financial support for childcare created a "barrier for people, in particular women, to enter elected positions in local government".

The allowance was introduced by the Remuneration Authority last year, but the decision to adopt it was left up to individual councils to decide.

16 hours ago

What's On: Waitangi Day Car-boot sale

Sophie from Hurunui District

$10 stall/car-boot (Charitable Organizations free)Fun day out, bring a picnic, buy some fresh scones &tea/coffee. All money raised goes to the Spotswood Hall Restoration Fund. Book now. ph Lesley 02041468272
Waitangi Day Car-boot sale
  • Spotswood Hall
2 days ago

Poll: Clothesline Wire - Coated or Uncoated?

William from SwiftDry Clotheslines NZ

From your experience, which of the below would you much rather use on your clothesline?

We'd love to know what your preference is and let us know why in the comments!

Clothesline Wire - Coated or Uncoated?
  • 72.9% Plastic Coated Clothesline Wire or Cord
    72.9% Complete
  • 27.1% Galvanised Clothesline Wire
    27.1% Complete
  • 0% Other - Please note in the comments
    0% Complete
70 votes