136 days ago

Car Pool Lane

Marianne from Rangiora

Northern Outlook has written one of the dumbest articles I have read from a supposedly intelligent agency, The NZ Transport Agency. I am not disagreeing with the extra lane, however I completetly fail to see how it will encourage car pooling.........”the lane encourages more efficient use by moving more people in fewer vehicles”
???What? How? People no doubt would like to car pool but if, once you get to Chch and one person works in Ferrymead and the other in Hornby how is one of them going to get to work when the bus time table is crap and expensive? How will the lane know you are car pooling? Did someone who came up with this explanation win their degree in a lottery?

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2 hours ago

Did anyone else see this?

Em Neighbourly Lead from Woodend

Last night just after 10pm my husband and I saw a row of lights, I'm guessing some kind of planes or satellites, moving from south west to the north. They looked like stars so I guess they were quite high up. Did anyone else see this and does anyone know what it was? There was no sound. There was about 30 of them quite close together.

4 hours ago

Organic spray free grapes for sale

Hugh from Swannanoa - Ohoka

Hi Neighbours

Our kids are raising money for dance fees and selling lots of organic spray free green grapes.

$5/kg or a donation for what you can afford.

Pickup 1206 Two Chain Road

Message your orders.



5 days ago

Bus patronage decreasing as Environment Canterbury moots 9.8 per cent rates rise

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Canterbury authorities have dropped their goal of 20 million annual bus trips by 2020 as public transport use declines in Christchurch.

The service, run by regional council Environment Canterbury (ECan), is to be overhauled in a plan that will contribute to a planned 9.8 per cent rates increase – almost double what was previously forecast.

Read more here and tell us what you think of ECan's plan in the comments below.