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Poll: An environmentalist who doesn't recycle - What are your thoughts?

Kendra Stone Reporter from Northern Outlook

Christchurch mayoral candidate Darryll Park is campaigning on environmental sustainability, but his biggest hospitality business doesn't recycle.

He commented with "Every aspect of my life is run with, I suppose, an environmental stance that is sustainable". What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

An environmentalist who doesn't recycle - What are your thoughts?
  • 91.7% It's a bit hypocritical
    91.7% Complete
  • 8.3% Give him a break - he's making an effort in other ways
    8.3% Complete
24 votes
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cheap or free items required

Sharlene from Kainga - Brooklands

Hi everyone,having an old friend come live with us,Im after a waterproof mattress protector for king single,a walker,and any other things to help with mobility etc.please note Im a support worker so I am aware of age concern etc,will be looking into all of this this week.thanks.

2 hours ago

Lovely Family needing a 4 bedroom rental NOW by end Nov

Lisa from Rangiora

Dear neighbours, we have been looking for 2 mths and our time is up!
We have been renting the Anglican Vicarage and a new Vicar has been newly appointed from Christchurch, he wants our house!! We cannot seem to find a 4 bedroom house in Rangiora to rent. Does anyone know of someone who would like to rent to a lovely family, very clean and tidy, with a GREAT reference from the Anglican Church.?? Thanks very much, Lisa

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Migrant newlyweds fall in love with new North Canterbury lifestyle

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

North Canterbury's first Ethiopian migrant is loving the rural lifestyle.

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