314 days ago

Audition workshop

Michelle Hampton from North Canterbury Musicals (The North Canterbury Musical Society)

Sunday 29 September 2019
10AM - 16.30PM
Strictly limited spaces - email secretary@ncms.co.nz
Cost $20.00 per person.

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6 days ago

South Island petrol prices plummet

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

Christchurch is leading the country in petrol price falls – but the AA is asking why it didn't happen sooner.

7 days ago


Ann-Marie from Rangiora

energy club shut up shop has anybody had the patience to find other companies besides contact thanks

42 minutes ago

How eco-friendly is your grocery shopping?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Most of us like to think we're doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment, but how green is your weekly shop?

Beyond the eco-swaps you’ve probably already made, here are some of the least eco-friendly grocery store items to steer clear of next time you're loading up your trolley, with minimal disruption to your routine.