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4 hours ago

Queenstown woman's lockdown podcast goes global

The Team Reporter from Queenstown News

It was Queenstown woman Jane Guy’s birthday when she learned New Zealand was heading into lock down in 48 hours.

“I just burst into tears,” she said, “I thought, ‘how the hell am I going to look after my child?’”

The solution for the long-time Queenstown Life blogger, who had always had a penchant for talking and hearing people’s stories, was to start a podcast.

The first wave of mums interviewed included microbiologist Siouxie Wiles, journalist Alison Mau and Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson. Read more about Jane's podcast here.

3 hours ago

Cambridge: The Kiwi town that could become the next big thing

Trupti Biradar Reporter from Stuff Travel

Cambridge is so much more than just a town you drive through. Click the link below for a few reasons to consider sticking around a bit. #backyourbackyard

4 hours ago

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Rowena Jackson Retirement Village

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