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February 2018 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Jonathan Harker from Pukerua Bay Residents' Association

Tuesday 13 February 2018
Present: Kate Dreaver, Iain MacLean, Brian Sullivan, June Penhey, Pauline Morse, David Olsen, Dale Williams (PCC)
Community: Mike McDermott, Louise Beaufort, Ashley Blair, Margaret Blair
Apologies: Jonathan Harker, Paul FitzGerald, Guy Marriage, Jenny Brash

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17 hours ago

Have you changed your commuting habits?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Driver shortages, power outages and timetable changes are affecting Wellington's public transport, while the roads are increasingly congested and slowed by roadworks. How are you dealing with commuter frustrations? Have you changed your commuting habits in the past year? (Please mark comments not for print NFP)

17 hours ago

How great is Your Place? Take our survey!

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Do you trust your council? Do you feel safe at home? Take our survey about your town.

For the Your Place survey we've put together a series of questions which should provide us with a comprehensive set of data that will be analysed and put in context for us by a team from AUT University.

We'd love to hear from you. Find out more here.

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Poll: Is bilingual signage a worthwhile investment?

The team Reporter from Dominion Post

Hi neighbours - Porirua City's new bilingual signs have cost nearly $30,000 in consultant and designer's fees.

Featuring Te Reo Māori and English, the signs cost $27,360 to design, which included work by cultural advisors and bilingual experts.

Wendy Walker, Porirua City Council Chief Executive, says that "by bringing Māori language into our everyday lives, we help those less familiar with it gain confidence, as well as recognising those who already speak Te Reo."

What do you think about this? Do you think the bilingual signage is a worthwhile investment? Read more here

Is bilingual signage a worthwhile investment?
  • 43.5% I think it's a great investment - It's important to preserve Te Reo
    43.5% Complete
  • 37.2% I think it's a waste of money
    37.2% Complete
  • 12.4% I think there are more interactive ways Te Reo could be practiced
    12.4% Complete
  • 7% I'm neither for or against it
    7% Complete
863 votes