67 days ago

Rural posties working 13-hour days due to surge in online shopping

Melanie Earley Reporter from Franklin County News

Kia ora neighbours, rural posties are delivering 50 per cent more than their usual volume, and they’re feeling the pressure.

NZ Post is delivering about two million parcels every week, or four parcels per second, a spokeswoman said.

Post volumes were up 50 per cent in Auckland, and about 23 per cent in the rest of the country.

Two rural NZ Post contractors in Franklin, who were afraid of losing their contracts if they were named, told Stuff they were working 13 hours or more each day to deal with the volume.

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1 day ago

Hand-crafted Wood as Christmas Gifts

Dick from Pahurehure

For the past 20 or so years South Auckland Woodturners Guild has found an empty shop in early November and begun the long process to bring you a sale of our craft in December. Renting a shop may be a simple process but listing, cataloguing and labelling the 2500 items usually on offer is not a simple process. In early November this year we had the added unknown of not knowing what the Covid rules would throw at us and the decision was made to not have a shop. Sad.
However, 17 of our members do have items for sale in the Art of Wood Exhibition which you are most welcome to visit, view, enjoy, and purchase from. It is a just a mouse click away at exhibition.naw.org.nz...

19 days ago

Anti vaccine

Brian from Papakura

I have a query for those that refuse the current covid vaccine. Are you anti vaccine and refuse any vaccine, or are you against the type of vaccine available in NZ, the mRNA one.
Would you be vaccinated if a non mRNA vaccine was available, as the usual annual flu vaccine is?
Some different types are here. www.healthcareitnews.com...
If you are against the mRNA vaccine only, would you all join together to lobby the government to buy in an alterative vaccine for you all, so enabling teachers, nurses, doctors etc to be vaccinated and stay safe and remain in their occupations.

9 hours ago

Lost Cat

Danny from Drury

My partners cat has run off and im hoping he is still in the area.. His name is "Little Man", if you see him please contact me.. Thank you..