68 days ago

Check out this amazing teen!!

Nicola Brennan-Tupara Reporter from Franklin County News

Hi neighbours,
I just really want to share this story with you all!!
Katie Readings isn't the type to let a broken arm or paralysing injuries stop her competing.
What an inspiration.

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1 day ago

Sonographer strike expected to cause 'major disruption'

Hannah Martin Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Sonographers are going on strike for 12 weeks across Auckland's three district health boards from Saturday, potentially impacting patient wait times.

Have you been affected by the strike action?

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1 day ago

KEA Kids News: Unwrapping one of Auckland's new trains from Spain

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Auckland's new trains have started arriving from Spain - and they need to be unwrapped.

Harry Calder, 9, is at the train depot in Onehunga to pull the plastic off for a sneak peak of the trains before they hit the tracks, in this KEA Kids News video bulletin.

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18 hours ago


Shauni from Pukekohe

Hi moms :)

Two moms have created a group called "Mommyhood NZ". The group aims to bring moms from all walks of life in NZ together to support and discuss things like pregnancy, breast feeding, schedules, baby products in NZ, work life balance, fitness, health and all things mom related.

If you are keen on joining and making a difference to some moms just type in "mommyhood NZ" and join the group.

We all know mommyhood isn't easy!