25 days ago

Learning Korean

Annelies from Nikau Valley

Hi, i would like to learn the Korean language and want to learn about Korean culture as well. Unfortunately its not possible for me to go to Wellington, so i’m hoping there is a private tutor here in the Kapiti area. If anybody is a tutor or maybe knows if someone who could teach me, please send me a message, thanks.


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2 days ago

Were you a obstetrics/gynecology patient at Calvary Hospital?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

We are looking for people who were treated at Calvary Hospital in Newtown, now Wakefield Hospital, between 1960-87. The hospital was run by a Catholic order of nursing sisters, The Little Company of Mary. We are particularly after those treated in the area of obstetrics/gynecology.

Is this familiar to you? If so, then please get in touch with alison.mau@stuff.co.nz or at PO Box 6341, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141 - please note that any communication will be kept confidential.

12 hours ago

fresh fish

Waikanae Crab

open thursday and friday
we have fresh fish

13 hours ago

Weetbix Stat Attack Cards

Marysia from Whitby

Is anyone collecting these. Free to collect. Message me if interested.