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What do you make of Wellington Airport's expansion plans?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Passengers using Wellington Airport can expect to be bussed to their aircraft during a billion-dollar revamp.
The 20-year redevelopment will also involve the airport effectively flipping its international and regional terminals. The northern terminal will be used for regional flights instead of the current international flights and the main terminal will be extended to the south and redesigned to cater for international and domestic flights. The airport has also confirmed the $31 million purchase of Miramar golf course, with the land to be used for additional aircraft parking.

18 minutes ago


The Team from Wellington Water

UPDATE 3.06pm

A water tanker has been arranged to provide water to residents. This is expected to arrive at 4pm.

The planned outage in Duncan St, Tawa is expected to extend beyond 4pm due to a water main burst in Duncan St.

We currently do not have an estimated time when the water will come back on, however we will update as we get further information.

18 minutes ago

What's On: NEXT OF KIN Australia/NZ 1982

David from Brooklyn

Overlooked Kiwi classic (made in Australia thanks to their generous tax breaks) this stylish haunted house thriller shares its baroque flair with Italian horrors like Suspiria. See trailer at
NEXT OF KIN Australia/NZ 1982
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