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Autistic man "extremely traumatised" after assault

Caroline Williams Reporter from Western Leader

Green Bay local Bradlee Mackay, 23, was left traumatised and with bruises on his face after he was allegedly "beaten up" by a man and a woman near the Green Bay shops on Monday afternoon.
Mackay, 23, has a mental age of 8 and only gained enough confidence to walk to the shops alone in the last few years.
Mackay often found it hard to explain things, older sister Karlee Brokenshire said, and would not speak to her on the phone following the incident, which was "very unlike him".
The family encourages anyone with information to get in touch with the police.

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BBQ and Beats at the Base, featuring Walter Hacon

Wendy from The Base Licensed Cafe

We have an amazing guest artist, WALTER HACON, this Saturday at
7 pm at the Base Cafe, with an admirable international career... his bio is really worth a read!
The event starts at 4 pm with musicians Jake Morris and James Fromont.
WALTER HACON has been writing and playing music since the early seventies, his roots firmly based in the Blues Rock traditions of that time, with the likes of "Free" "Jethro Tull", "Brinzley Swartze" "Duxe Deluxe" "Kilburn and the High Roads" "Doctor Feelgood" etc. During the early part of this decade he cut his teeth with bands such as "Skyscraper" and the "Speedometers" and in 1976 signed with Island Records band "The Automatics" who's first album was produced and recorded by Steve Lillywhite, at Island Records' small basement studio at 22 St. Peters Square Chiswick, along with the likes of "Burning Spear" and "Bob Marley."
Walter went on to work with STIFF RECORDS, Artist" WRECKLESS ERIC" and did two tours of the USA, and several extensive tours of Europe, playing club and stadium venues.

It was during this period that one of Walter's songs " Broken Doll" was spotted by Wreckless Eric, recorded and included in on his album "Big Smash" of 1980.

This was in turn recorded by "Cliff Richard", for his "Wired for Sound album, of the same year, leading to a deal with Zomba Music, and several covers of Walter's songs followed.....Nigel Dixon's, "Thunder Bird" Angela Rippon's "Viva Rock n Roll"

Rocky Terraine and the Valiants' "Big Rock County Mountain Breakdown"

Walter returned to the U.K, and put together a rehearsal room/studio in Jeddo Road, Shepherds Bush, just above "Wembley Loud Speakers"and this was a great success, working with the likes of "Ruthless Blues", a killer London based Blues Band, and "EEEK a Mouse" who, contrary to his rather meek nick name, was a seven foot tall Jamaican,who had a great band, and "cooked", to use a descriptive term of that period.

During this period, Walter also co wrote and produced the Musical "Charlie" based on the life of "Charlie Chaplin" with his playwright mother, Josephine Hacon, which was performed at the "New End Theatre" Hampstead, and the " Donmar Warehouse" in Soho,and received encouraging reviews through the summer of 1981,from critics such as "Baz Bazmagoine" of the British Press.

In 1984 Walter started a band called " Playhouse" featuring songs from his current songwriting catalog of the time.

Walter opened a Commercial Recording studio and Publishing company in Acton, West London, in the mid 80's with Rick Rocket of the Automatics/Sham 69/ Bootleg Beatles etc.and apart from recording their own material they produced and recorded many budget to mid price albums for recording artists such as, "Big Audio Dynamite" "cat scratch fever" "Annabelle Lamb" etc. and went on to get a good reputation in the industry.

Walter moved to Auckland, New Zealand, in 1998 and continues to live here, although he still spends time in the UK, playing gigs and recording in both hemispheres.

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Public Toilets in West Auckland

Matt from Henderson

I know what needs to happen though is we need more

rest rooms or toilets though on some main streets.
Yes Lincoln Road, has the only public toilet area
that I know that people can do their 1's and 2's so
to speak, but there is just no other. I do a lot
of walking with my part time paper run and
advertising run . I walk around Woodford Ave,
Buscomb Ave, one half of Lincoln Rd delivering
Western Leaders. There is no public toilets around
these areas.
Probably if you can go to the Police Station and
ask if you need to use the toilets, maybe, or the
other one I can think of is the public toilets near
where the Pak N Save in Henderson used to be.

I do have a good bladder though. My paper run I do
around Woodford Ave,Buscomb Ave and Lincoln Rd have
no toilet area than the police station, the BP on
Lincoln Rd(but then not busting to go) or the
public toilets in Henderson. If you can recommend
myself holding on to my urine for 2 hours long
before going to the Henderson Public toilets, then
I think we need to put more toilets somewhere.

I also do a advertising run down Larrisa Rd, and those back streets, Zodiac Rd, half of Universal Road and back onto Harrington Road and up on Rathgar Road to finish off my advertising run.
Same deal no public toilets in sight whatsoever. Could use the BP Toilet there on Swanson Road, but too far to walk all the way up Swanson Road, ask to use the toilets there, then walk all the way down again. Needs to be somewhere closer.

To Phil Goff, can we invest in some money getting some toilets put in around in West Auckland? Much appreciated.