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Poll: Do you know where to find an AED when you're out and about?

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Marlborough Midweek

Hi Marlborough,

The Red Cross Centre and the Blenheim i-Site has received two new defibrillators, or AEDs (automated external defibrillator).

Blenheim i-Site Operations Manager Amy Swain said people often ran to the i-Site for help.

“We're an information centre, so it makes sense that people rush here to ask us for help in an emergency,” Swain said.

“And a lot of international people come here for help too ... while they're not here at the moment, hopefully they will be eventually.”

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Do you know where to find an AED when you're out and about?
  • 68.8% Yes, I do know where to find one
    68.8% Complete
  • 31.3% No, I don't know where to find one
    31.3% Complete
16 votes
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