50 days ago

Looking for a natural spring or artesian well

Daniel from Blenheim

Dear friends and neighbors,
I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information. I am looking for a source of natural drinking water, somewhere in the surroundings of Blenheim, up to 100km away.
Thank you

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5 hours ago

What would you like to see at the Westwood development?

Alice Angeloni Reporter from Marlborough Express

Stage two of the Westwood development will see five new lots created for businesses. What would you like to see?

1 day ago

Poll: Swimming

Rahul Bhattarai Reporter from Marlborough Express

Did you use your public pool this summer?

  • 50% Yes, I did.
    50% Complete
  • 50% No, I didn't.
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38 votes
3 hours ago

Looking for Buffet Server

Princess from Blenheim

Anyone selling this or might want to lend this?