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Poll: To fee or not to fee?

Reporter Marlborough Midweek

Most schools need to charge a donation every year in order to make ends meet but is that right? Should parents have to meet another cost on what they already pay?

To fee or not to fee?
  • 7.7% Yes, a donation is a great idea it means schools can do more
    7.7% Complete
  • 53.8% No, it's not fair - education is expensive enough
    53.8% Complete
  • 38.5% There should be a donation but it needs to be a smaller amount.
    38.5% Complete
13 votes
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2 hours ago

Moped for sale

Princess from Blenheim

Looking for a moped/scooter for sale. Thanks

3 days ago


Princess from Blenheim

Would anyone know someone who is renting out a self contained caravan?wouls appreciate your responses. Thank you.

9 hours ago

Poll: Should horse racing be banned?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The Melbourne Cup can be seen as an excuse for people to dress to the nines and get so drunk that they often miss seeing the races.

The physical and psychological pain these horses suffer is immense, with the movement against horse racing growing as animal welfare advocates call for change. What do you think? Should horse racing be banned? Vote in the poll below.

Should horse racing be banned?
  • 30.9% Definitely - it’s inhumane
    30.9% Complete
  • 14.5% No - it’s a bit of harmless fun
    14.5% Complete
  • 3.5% I don’t have an opinion
    3.5% Complete
  • 51% Only for those found guilty of abuse
    51% Complete
958 votes