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Help our frightened furry Friends

Alison Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

Veterinary Behaviour Services NZ
Are you ready for fireworks night?

Next week is the 5th of November and many animals around NZ will be struggling with the noise of fireworks 💥

If you know your cat or dog struggles with loud noises, we can set up a few things to help them!

💥 Set up an area they can retreat to that is (ideally) sound proof and comfortable ahead of time

💥 Ensure they are inside and safe. Many dogs and cats go missing this time of the year after running away from the noise….

💥 Close the curtains and play calming music to drown out the booms

💥 Try diverting their attention with food toys, play or positive reinforcement training

💥 Use pheromones (adaptil for dogs, feliway for cats) to help them feel calm and at home

💥Some animals will be helped by anxiety wraps (I’ll be sharing a DIY wrap later in the week).

If your animal really struggles though, now is the time to reach out to your veterinary team for some help, then get in contact with me to make a plan before the next big fireworks event!

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3 hours ago

JP Service Moves - Whangarei

Kristi Neighbourly Lead from Tikipunga

Justice of the Peace services in Whangārei have moved from the Whangārei courthouse to Rust Ave from today.

Since the JPs are unable to operate from the Whangārei Law Courts under Alert Level 2, they have moved to 22 Rust Ave, above Northland Pathology.

Between 12 and 15 JPs will take turns rendering their services to the public between the hours of 9.30am and 1.30pm, Monday to Friday.

3 hours ago

Reduced to Clear Store Whangarei

Kristi Neighbourly Lead from Tikipunga

Please share

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REMINDER - SPCA in Tikipunga and other areas - December 2021

Kristi Neighbourly Lead from Tikipunga

Please share a great service to our communities.