49 days ago

Children In Danger On Our Roads

Alan from Raumati Beach

Alan Tristram reports the Kāpiti Coast Council has replied to his questions about heavy traffic in Raumati which is endangering hundreds of young
children in the area.

Read the Council's answers -- bit.ly...

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10 hours ago

Where can I get a 12V battery charger?

Quentin from Paraparaumu Beach

Hi all, the car battery is slowly draining with us no longer using it. Keen to get a 12V car charger, but not sure where I can source one during lockdown - any suggestions?

Would rather not leave the car running in the driveway for 1/2 hour to charge it.

1 hour ago


Annette from Waikanae

Even though this link is about the UK situation the information is very relevant to NZ.

3 days ago

How is your pet reacting to you being around all the time?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Coco follows her owner round the house all day, Buster has started barking at strangers, and Rover has already been walked by every member of the family today. Twice. Dogs are overjoyed to have humans home 24/7, but they're sensitive, and during times of human stress need special care. How are your pets coping?