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Brien Electrical Ltd

We have 25 members of our team taking part in this year's big Movember Challenge! (Beards, Goaties & Mo's were nervously shaved last night!) Donations to "Men's Health" can be made on the official site: nz.movember.com... ... then search for the Brien Electrical team!
Brien Electrical are your local, long-standing team players .... always happy to take on any job large or small!! Call us: 0800TEAMBRIEN

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15 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This should not be too hard! Who is this?

3 hours ago

x2 sets of draws

Toni from Waikanae

Hi there just seeing if anyone out there has 2 sets of draws they wish to part with even 1 set .please contact me if you do asap .
thank you

2 days ago

Library Restrictions Inequitable

Marie from Waikanae

I was surprised to be asked for my vaccine pass at the local library this weekend. I would have thought public libraries were exempt, along with supermarkets pharmacies etc. They are public spaces afterall, which ratepayers, vaccinated or not, contribute to.
While I appreciate the wishes of Council to keep staff safe, in reality the risk posed by a library visit is low. With over 92% vaccinated in the region, measures such as a limit on numbers, masks, screens and distancing will serve to reduce risk. Im curious what the rationale was for this decision. (Though no doubt if I ask, it will be treated as an OIR request and I'll have to wait until next year for a response). It seems like a step too far to me. What do others think?