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Miss Calico, Princess and Sylvester.

Mary Bossley from Forgotten Felines Foundation

17 weeks old


Miss Calico, Princess, and Sylvester were all found living under a boiler within a construction site. Clear mom thought it was a good place to hide her kittens, not knowing the dangers that could occur. Thankfully we were able to trap these kittens just in time and capture mom too. Momcat was a wild girl, so she was speyed and stayed nearby to help with the rodent population.

Thankfully the kittens came into our care at just the right age to be soicalsied. Although still a bit shy around new people, they have come along way, and enjoy human company now. Their new family will need to continue socialising them and ensure they feel safe, and happy before going out into the big world.

Miss Calico (Calico) is a sassy wee girl, but we know she has a sweet side too. Happy to be held or sit on your lap once comfortable.

Princess (Brown tabby with Ginger) is the bravest of the group, very adventurous, and loves to explore. She is also very sweet and getting better at being held.

Sylvester (Black and White) will just melt your heart, he is the most gentle boy. He needs time to trust, and know you are safe. But once bonded with you, he will stay by your side.

Please visit our info page under the adoption tab to learn about adopting from us.


Before setting up meet and greets, We ask for any potential adopters to fill out our questionnaire below


As with all of our adoptable cats, he is looking for home that can commit to keeping him inside at night. Any young kittens need to remain indoor only until at least 6 months of age and cats over 6 months old for at least 4 weeks before going outside.

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Resene Upcyling Awards - don't forget!


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Poll: Should Wellington Zoo replace its Lions?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington Zoo’s elderly lioness sisters, Djane and Zahra, have been euthanised, leaving the zoo with no lions.
Both lionesses had been closely monitored by veterinary staff over the past 18 months due to age-related health concerns, and Djane’s health recently deteriorated.
Lions have been part of Wellington Zoo community since it opened in 1906, when the Zoo was gifted a male lion called King Dick.
Wellington Zoo said it would look at starting a new pride of lions in the future, but it was likely to be awhile until a firm plan was in place.
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Should Wellington Zoo replace its Lions?
  • 46.9% No
    46.9% Complete
  • 53.1% Yes
    53.1% Complete
676 votes
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Bayne from Waikanae Beach

Hi does anyone happen to have a sleepout or something similar they would like to sell.