43 days ago

George & Shirley

Mary Bossley from Forgotten Felines Foundation

17 weeks old


George and Shirley came into our care after they were found living by a Four Square. Momcat was around too, so very likely that the whole family was abandoned. Mom got speyed and stayed at the shop to be a mouser (she wasn't very friendly). Thankfully the kittens came into our care at just the right age to be soicalsied. Although still a bit shy around new people, they have come along way, and really enjoy human company now. They can be adopted together or separately

George is the first one to greet you when it is food time, he is quite talkative and very food motivated. Such a sweet and lovely guy, purrs a lot and likes being held.

Shirley is quite a little girl, loves to have her back rubbed, and will happily put her tail up and purr. Loves sitting on your lap too.

Please visit our info page under the adoption tab to learn about adopting from us.


Before setting up meet and greets, We ask for any potential adopters to fill out our questionnaire below


As with all of our adoptable cats, he is looking for home that can commit to keeping him inside at night. Any young kittens need to remain indoor only until at least 6 months of age and cats over 6 months old for at least 4 weeks before going outside.

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4 days ago

KCDC Planning

Ewen from Waikanae

It is appreciated most people find KCDC to be unresponsive to ratepayers needs and therefore ignore the elections process and making submissions as a waste of time.

Please consider going to the KCDC website and making a submission to their planning document. It isn't hard to do but does take a bit of time.

KCDC are using the document to help support their proposed 8.5% rates increase and to get the mandate to move into new areas such as investing in social housing and establishing a company outside of their current business. They also give the opportunity to give feedback on things like the Gateway project.

If enough people provide feedback then hopefully KCDC might take notice?

1 day ago


Bayne from Waikanae Beach

Hi does anyone happen to have a sleepout or something similar they would like to sell.

3 hours ago

What's On: Free New Business KickStart Evening

Lynette from Waikanae

Starting a business? Do you have an idea benefiting the wider Kapiti community? KEDA mentors help start-ups, not-for-profit organisations, artists, and anybody who has a great idea. www.kickstartkapiti.nz/register-a-project.
Free New Business KickStart Evening
  • KEDA KickStart Evening