48 days ago

My Local Like

Abbie from Gate Pa

My local like is The Fresh Market in Gate Pa. I love that they offer older or damaged fruit and veges at a reduced price, and sometimes even free, to save it going to waste.

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6 hours ago

Did you know there are three ‘types’ of tsunami?

Communications from Tauranga City Council

They are a local source, where we’d have a few minutes warning, regional; where we get 1-3 hours warning and distant; where we have more than three hours warning.

Whatever type of tsunami it is, you’ll still need to know what to do if it happens. Find out more at www.happens.nz...

6 days ago


Graham from Welcome Bay

crusher collins crushed. cindy better watch out now

1 day ago

Pursue higher education with a Masters Degree

Te Whare Wananga Awanuiarang

Masters Study

Meet Hinerangi Busby who shares her journey with Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi.

I am a graduate of the marae-centred programme, Te Pouhono, transforming Māori communities, promoting mātauranga-a-hapū, a-iwi. My participation took me to the Bachelor of Mātauranga Māori, and then postgraduate study.

Awanuiārangi centres you. This is the nurturing space of Māori researchers, with the support of academic and professional staff; this all transpires from an authentic indigenous and traditional Māori environment.

My studies have empowered me to play a more pro-active role in whānau and hapū affairs. Instead of being angry at a past that we cannot change, let’s become part of the solution for positive change.
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