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1 day ago

Project to turn Auckland's empty roof space into gardens gets off the ground

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Auckland Stuff

A not-for-profit initiative to turn the empty roofs of Auckland high rises into community gardens has begun.
The project, called Kai in the Sky, is the brainchild of 24-year-old Becky Umbers. Staff from local hospitality businesses, which are struggling because of the pandemic, will tend to the gardens and use the produce grown there for free. Would you tend to and use a roof top garden if they were open to the community?

2 hours ago


Jane Freeman from Timberline Contracting Ltd

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7 hours ago

What's On: Dove Catholic Fellowship for Women

Pik Lan from Wattle Downs

Invite you to our meeting. Speaker: Pam Wood. Topic: Gift of Miracles. Hebrew 2:4 God confirmed their testimony with miracles of all kinds. Come and share cuppa. Phone Grace 5773479.
Dove Catholic Fellowship for Women
  • St Anne's Parish Hall