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12 hours ago

Sutton Rd, Drury - A disgraceful medley of incompetence from Council & roading contractors

Bruce from Opaheke

As Im sure everybody that travels Sutton Road is aware, there have been long & protracted 'road works' carried out over the past year or so.
What is disturbing is they have taken a mildly rough road & managed to systematically make it worse, alot worse.
Areas that have been patched are in a worse state than before they started, the finished product is now of lower quality & more dangerous than before & to top it off they also managed to work around the worst 'pre reseal' areas that needed fixing altogether !

Im sure that took some hard work to avoid those.
If there was an award for incompetence & poor workmanship the contractors involved in the roading win hands down. The council can put its hand up for obvious lack of project managing and total waste of our rates, unless the goal was to make another bad road look better by comparision.
The jokes over, those responsible need to sort this mess out immediately or find another vocation that doesnt give you any access to the publics purse strings.

4 days ago

Horse Needed

Trish from Opaheke

A friend is looking for a horse to partner with another horse that lost her mate. She is fretting for her male companion that had to be put to sleep and needs a paddock friend. Property is in drury.

9 hours ago

New blog post: Neighbourly in the news!

The Team from

We love seeing Neighbourly members mentioned in the news - and we've seen a few in the last few months. From a Neighbourly group that has united the masses right through to a neighbourhood who rallied to deliver a 250kg piano to two blind sisters - there is a lot of good going on in Neighbourly communities around the country. You can read about them right here in our latest blog post.