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Your feedback needed! Upgrade of intersection on the corner of Meadowbank Rd and Manapau St (opposite retirement village)

Amanda Nicholas from Meadowbank & St Johns Residents Association

Auckland Transport has received concerns about vehicles driving at high speeds in and out of this intersection. The proposed measures will narrow the intersection, lowering driving speed and improve accessibility for pedestrians. Take a look and have your say by clicking the link below.

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Help us prevent men's violence towards women

White Ribbon

Saturday 25 November marks White Ribbon Day, an annual event drawing attention to men's violence towards women. New Zealanders are taking The Pledge and making a commitment to stand up, speak out - and act.

Have you watched our film Raise Our Men? Featuring interviews with nine Kiwi men, it demonstrates that change is possible when men are shown and supported to choose a different respectful path. You'll find clips on our website.
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Steve from Oamaru

The NZ Road Code has this information for pedestrians-"Where there is no footpath:

walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic (except on curves, where it is best to walk on the outside edge of the curve)
if possible, walk off the road, or as close as possible to the edge of the road
at night, wear light-coloured or reflective clothing, or carry a torch to help you be seen."
I see that recently pedestrians have been in collisions with vehicles.
I have noticed in Oamaru at night they wear dark clothing and walk on the same side of the road as the traffic. this is not what the rode code recommends.
It is very hard to see these pedestrians at night so it is no wonder they are hit if are not following the rules.
I hope the drivers are not going to be punished for the irresponsibilty of the pedestrians.
Maybe the powers at be could advertise this advice as they seem to concentrate on the vehicle drivers. eg fasten seat belts, don"t use cell phones etc