53 days ago


Flo from Feilding

My windows 10 updated and now I don't have any of my folders on my desktop and cant find the documents folder or anything stored in it. If anyone can help I am due to go away today and need to have a fix asap. phone text 0275524499

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1 day ago

House cleaner wanted

Michelle from Highbury - Westbrook

Would like recommendations please. If you have a great house cleaner, please let me know!

I am looking for someone for 2-3 hours per fortnight to clean bathrooms and vacuum.

Thanks 😁

9 hours ago

Soursop Tea

Chaminda from West End

Has anyone got experience using Soursop/Graviola/Guanabana tea leaves as a medication for cancer or any other disease? Filipinos and Sri Lankans believe that this is a strong herbal medication for controlling cancer & type 2 diabetes.